Hello world!

Welcome to my blog, I spend most of my time playing competitive Counter Strike Global Offensive and also being with my family. My favourite arsenal in Counter Strike would be the AK and M4A1-S. My favourite colour is pink, and my favourite animal is a cat. My favourite word in the English dictionary is ‘Divine’. Why Divine? ‘Cause I’m Divine..Hue, Hue…Sorry. I will soon be an owner of a Scorched Bayonet or a Scorched Butterfly Knife. (Please tell me which one I should purchase!) My other favourite game is Castle Crashers (On PC). My favourite character in the game is probably Brute. I am still on the quest to finish the game with Ice-Kimo to unlock him.

Graduation Reflection.

Casually sitting on the plastic white chairs, waiting for the announcements could be over. It couldn’t get any more boring. I was a bit disappointed that not one boy got an award. After the awards were given out, we finally got our certificates that we graduated Werribee Primary School. After that, it was the Candle Ceremony. Our only goal was trying to keep up with the music and keep the candle lit. After that we headed home. It was a pretty boring experience.img_8450

Reflection About My Passion Project Lesson.

Today, I presented my lesson to teach some students about my Passion Project, it was about a music band called Three Days Grace.

I started with asking my students questions, they didn’t ask much, so I decided to let them do the hands-on activity first, which was putting a broken song in the right order. After that I explained some backstory to the band and some facts about them. Then again, I asked them some more questions and asked what they learned. I’m glad that my students gave me reflection scores of fours, I think it was really good that my students enjoyed my teaching, it doesn’t have to be a lot, even a speck of enjoyment will do. A thing that I think I could improve on is being more prepared and always keeping my students entertained, Like interacting more with the students, having a bit more of an engaging discussion with them, also I could have like a little quiz at the end of the lesson.

What’s interesting for me is I got more questions asked then I thought I would of. Overall I think my lesson deserves a 5 out of 10, for not having preparation very well, and I wasn’t speaking to often. Here is a little picture:


Comparing Australia to Brazil

This is my Infographic that I have been working on for 15 hours. If you have any questions about the topic, feel free to ask it as a comment. I will try my best to respond. I learnt that Brazil has way more people than Australia but their life expectancy is lower, I think the reason is that there isn’t enough food for all of the people in Brazil. I hope you learn something from my Infographic. Enjoy.mark

Wyndham Youth Services

Today, my class and I headed to a place named ‘Wyndham Youth Services.’ I’ve never heard about this place before, but I guessed it was something to do with work and jobs, but at the end it was mostly fun activities, child support, counselling, and mentoring. When we finished the tour, we got to play around and relax, it became extremely noisy when this started. It was a very open space, meaning there would be an echo to increase the noise. Overall it was a really enjoyable experience.

Wyndham Youth Services Website: https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/services/youth-services

Three Days Grace Passion Project

Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band from Norwood, Ontario, but most of their supporters know them for being a rock band from San Diego, this is not true. Before fame their band was named not three Days Grace, but Groundswell. The band was formed in 1992. They have 4 active members and 1 past member, they are:  Brad Walst(Bass, vocals), Matt Waist(Lead vocals), Neil Sanderson(Drums, vocals), and my personal favourite Barry Stock(Guitar). The past member is Adam Gontier (Lead vocals, guitar), who was their lead singer before he left and retired his music career. Some of their songs have made it up to top charts, which is a great achievement. The band only has 5 albums, containing of: Three Days Grace (2003), One-X (2006), Life Starts Now (2009), Transit of Venus (2012), and Human (2015).

Please feel free to comment on what you think about my information about my passion project. Thanks.

Source: http://www.songfacts.com/facts-three_days_grace.php

A Poem.

Today Ke Bre and I researched some poems. We came across this one and wanted to share it. This poem is written in a style called ABAB, which means that the first line and the third rhyme, and the second and the last rhyme. It has 4 stanzas. The poem is by Elizabeth Turner.

The Canary

Mary had a little bird,
With feathers bright and yellow,
Slender legs-upon my word,
He was a pretty fellow!

Sweetest notes he always sung,
Which much delighted Mary;
Often where his cage was hung,
She sat to hear Canary.

Crumbs of bread and dainty seeds
She carried to him daily,
Seeking for the early weeds,
She decked his palace gaily.

This, my little readers, learn,
And ever practice duly;
Songs and smiles of love return
To friends who love you truly.

Source: http://storyit.com/Classics/JustPoems/canary.htm\


2011 Japanese Tsunami Information Text

I chose this information text about tsunamis to post on my blog because I am extremely proud of it and enjoyed writing it, I hope you enjoy it.

2011 Japanese Tsunami

This tsunami caused extreme damage to Japan, so extreme, a whole town had to be evacuated and Japan is still recovering.

What it did

This Japanese disaster came in 3 horrifying parts, first a 9.0 magnitude earthquake that shook the whole of North Eastern Japan, then an outstanding 132 feet long harbour wave crashed into Japan, destroying buildings here and there, But the tsunami did something way deadlier, it hit one of Japans nuclear power plant, nearly causing a meltdown, radiation was then released into the airs of nearby towns.

The information

This tsunami was a special one, it ended up being the most expensive disaster EVER costing more than $300 Billion dollars. The ginarmous tsunami killed 15,891 people, injured almost 145,000 and over 230,000 lost their shelters.

Where, When, and How Long

Where this expensive disaster occurred was in a city called Tohoko which was North Eastern of Tokyo city, but Tokyo was also affected, as most of their supplies were coming from the city that was struck by the disasters. The earthquake started in the middle of a working day at almost 3:00 pm, the powerful earthquake lasted for around 5 minutes, but it sure was a strong one. The earthquake and tsunami were so powerful it shifted earth on its axis rotation! A massive part of the earth’s crust was fractured, or more clearly, a tiny bit more than 280 miles! The nuclear plant that was hit was the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant. The 9.0 earthquake that shook Japan was later named ‘Honshu.’

The Aftermath

The life threatening tsunami killed many and left others scarred for life. Japan is still recovering from the dangerous trio in 2011.


Harbour Wave: Japanese for ‘tsunami.’

Radiation: Toxic Fumes

Ginormous: Really Big.

Shelter: Homes.

Occurred: Happened.

Fractured: Cracked.


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsunami